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Thursday, April 5, 2018

1:30 pm Pre-Board Meeting with Annual Meeting Committee
Scientific Display Setup (Between 1 pm and 6 pm)
2:30 pm Area Counselor, Affiliate Reps & TSRT Board Meeting
3:30 pm Open Budget & Bylaw Forum
4:00 pm TMB Update
4:30 pm Educational Alliance Meeting- Georgette Shepherd - True Colors (1.0 CE)
4:00 pm-6pm Pre-registration in Building B Atrium

6:30 pm Student vs Tech Bowling Showdown! The Main Event Entertainment Center Complimentary Event and Buffet

Friday, April 6, 2018

Program Director and Student Events

6:30 am Registration in Building B Atrium
7:00 am Welcome to TSRT 2018 Breakfast Symposia with Exhibitors
8:00 am Roentgen Rally Student Bee Challenge
9:30 am Break
09:45 am Keynote Speaker – TEXAS MEDICAL BOARD GENERAL COUNSEL; Sarah Tuthill-Licensure and Upcoming Legislation (1.0 CE)
10:45 am Special Announcements and Sponsor Recognition
11:00 am Lunch

Student & Tech CEU Track

11:45 am iLead 1 Khanh Nguyen; Medical Hyperspectral Imaging: Into the Guiding Light
(0.25 CEU)
12:05 pm iLead 2 Ross Rillo; Ready for the Limelight: Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery
(0.25 CEU)
12:25 pm iLead 3 Sophie Sikes; Prints Charming: 3D Bioprinting, A Knight and Shining
Technology (0.25 CEU)
12:45 pm iLead 4 Kawani Elmore; V-SCAN and V-SCAN Extended with Dual Probe: Can You
See Me Now? (0.25 CEU)
1:05 pm iLead 5 Sierra Dockray; Communication in Diagnostic Radiology: Do You Know
Who You Are Talking to? (0.25 CEU)
1:25 pm iLead 6-Yvette Thompson; The Value of Precision and Accuracy- Stereotactic
Radiosurgery (0.25 CEU)
1:45 pm iLead 7 (0.25 CEU)
2:05 pm Trauma CT-The Key is Preparation; Roger Wilson (1.0 CEU)
2:55 pm Imaging Under Inspecting Eyes; Jeanifeer Lara (1.0 CEU)

4:30 pm Honor & Awards Banquet Ceremony Gala (Building B Atrium)
7:00 pm Mix and Mingle- Landry’s on the Waterway

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tech CEU Track

7:00 am Welcome to TSRT 2018Breakfast Symposia with Exhibitors
7:15 am Achieving True Professionalism in the Medical Field - Stephanie Johnston, ASRT
(1.0 CEU)
8:10 am Energy Emission and Transformations in Medical Imaging Technologies - Dr. F.
Ozor (1.0 CEU)
9:05 am What Is That? Breast Pathology: Signs, Symptoms, and Steps to Recovey – Evelyn
Hairston (1.0 CEU)
9:45 am Break
10:00am THE WAY IT WAS...Radiology Procedures and Equipment - How did we or the Patient Survive? Norman Burgess (1.0 CEU)
10:55 am Career Pathways Professional Development; Dr. William Undie, Ed.D, MBA, RT(R)(T), M.D. Anderson Director Graduate Program Radiologic Sciences (1.0 CE)
11:50 am Lunch/ TSRT Annual Business Meeting
1:00 pm Animals Need Imaging Too! Cassandra Haskins MSRS RT(R) (1.0 CE)
2:00 pm TBA Norm Burgess (1.0 CE)
3:00 pm Carotid MRI for Detection of Vulnerable Plaques; Gerardo Ortiz (1.0 CEU)

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